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2009-12-17 06:28:05 by SuckMyBallz619

Soon till Cristhmas...And soon till 360...

And i delted all my shitty art and got Sumo paint!!!
Gonna start making something good

I am so bored...

2009-11-23 04:11:36 by SuckMyBallz619

Nothing new on NG...


2009-11-23 04:00:20 by SuckMyBallz619

Goodbye NG i am leaving you...

I am Tommy,and this name was not made by me,but my evil fag brother
I wanted a diffrent username...Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo

Don`t ever call me SuckMyBallz619...GOT THAT!!!

Friday 13th!!! Rings a bell?

That`s right,and there is a new part coming out...AWSOME !!!
Just saying to all of you horror fans,also,if you don`t know who Jason is...You suck...ass...

Soooooooooooo happy Friday 13th

I am bored...

2009-11-10 14:57:02 by SuckMyBallz619

Soooooooooooooo boring nothing new on Newgrounds or at my school or anything alike...
And like i said,does anybody know how can i change my username,but keep my points,level,art,...


Happy Halloween!!!

2009-10-31 14:57:34 by SuckMyBallz619

There is so much great new flash,art and music...I hope you all have nightmares that will scare the shit out of you!!! LOL just kidding you all have fun and happy Halloween

AWSOME AND KICK`ASS UPDATE--------------------------------

How do you change my username,but still keep my art,music,points,level,...

Please tell me

2 new things

2009-10-23 12:20:25 by SuckMyBallz619

1.I am thinking about changing my name...What do you think

2.My brother made a loop(music) It might pass a judgment,and if it does comment on it

I am getting an Xbox 360 Elite!!!

2009-10-10 03:10:47 by SuckMyBallz619

My uncle Suljo has got back from Germany and i am gona get a Xbox 360 Elite!!!
I always wanted to have an Xbox 360 Elite and now i got it


I found this website where you can download Xbox 360 games for free!!! Just saying if anybody else has an Xbox 360 that you can download from that website...Oh yeah and just write download Xbox 360 games

Really just recommend me allready you,FREAKING PICES OF SHIT