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Yeah,it is Madness day!!!And something else...

2009-09-20 03:29:06 by SuckMyBallz619

FUCK YEAH It is MADNESS DAY!!!Today we have VIOLENCE,GORE,BLOOD and more VIOLENCE hell yeah!!!

Oh yeah,and that other thing is the new game from EA games Brutal Legend,you can find Jack Black talk about it. Just write Brutal toughts with Jack Black on YouTube

Yeah,it is Madness day!!!And something else...

MAKE MADNESS Art!!! I mean i will make Hank,Savior and maybe Tricky.
Oh yeah,and madness wepons...I relly like swords and stuff like that.

To me this is D-Day...

2009-09-02 04:43:06 by SuckMyBallz619

School,school what moron made school,personaly i think that man is a sick bastard,nerd i think...
I fell lame,so lame,God why! If the hole school was a gym i wouled be happy forever... but that wolduent
be real

Anyone who has good art go check my art or RogersMax art anyone come on assholes,give the good art

To anyone who is looking at this

I made my first art

2009-08-12 07:12:27 by SuckMyBallz619

Go see it leave a good comment or,else i will kill you

since i am Croatian i have made some curses in English and Croatian so let me begin

asshole-supcina dickhead-kuroglavi motherfucker-mamojepcin
pussy-pizda bitch-kurva fuckface-jeboglavi fag-peder

Need help anyone,help me

2009-07-07 11:11:39 by SuckMyBallz619

Hi this is SuckMyBallz619 i now it is weird,still i need anyone to help me,that is explain to me how to blam and protect flash please